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 what is survival, or, regarding the latest "manifestations"...
Auteur: kabyle.revolutionnaire 
Date:   2001-05-07 01:30:22

some collegues and i were discussing the latest american fixation, reality tv, where there are situations that are recreated like a deserted island, or military camp, and people are chosen randomly from the american population to fill the spaces on these shows. usually the last contestant wins a formidable gratuity for completing and enduring the harsh and inhospitable conditions of the show.
what really incensed me was how deeply my collegues had immersed themselves into these reality shows, while completely ignoring the true and somtimes unacceptable situations that certain groups of people on our planet are subjected to and forced to exist in, day in and day out, all year round, for sometimes centuries of oppression, without any respite. and they are not mediocre minds either; my peers are all intellectually indeavoured, employed as either physicians or researchers in various technical venues. so this is really making a statement for the average american population, if people as intelligent as those i associate with are filling their minds with such unabashed garbage.
i left the discussion in disgust, because i knew that these people were so out of touch with the issues that we are facing in the 21st century. but as a result of the conversation i shared with them, i wrote something, just randomly from my mind, that signified what i think about these reality programs and i invite you to read what i have written and make any comments as you see fit.
"la kabylie souvivra!!!"


survival is :

hiding in the olive trees or behind barren brick buildings or in dark deserted alleys in tizi ouzou in mortal fear from front islamique de salut soldiers who would like nothing better than to hunt you out like the animal they almost convinced you that you are and find you and then shoot you point blank in the temple and afterwards, just for fun stand there watching while your family-- your wife and your children are weeping and shaking with terror and maybe even kick you a few times in the head so that you bleed even more and wait in mocking hatred as you die to join so many who have died before you in the same vain of wanting nothing more than access to every human's right to exist in this world knowing that your language and culture are valued as a gift to your people which should be honored and passed to all other cultures and not hidden, shunned or forbidden by assemblies of arrogant self righteous dictators who claim that their law is the only law and their god is the only god and their language is the only language and their way is the only way...

survival is :

desperately holding on to another miserable and excruciating day even though you know that a deadly infection is ravaging your already emaciated and wasting corpse of a body and knowing that you are alone as you fight through the fever and sweat and vomit and the shitting of absolutely nothing but water, while lying in the street in the middle of kinshasa because your family was afraid to even be in the same room with you and you were driven from your sick bed by your own mother who could not look you in the eye as she proclaimed "you are already dead to me" and as people pass over you, turning their heads from your direction in fear, distaste or hopelessness because what can they do anyway when they have no way to change the already impoverished and failing system of the country they live in and which doesn't care enough and which doesn't have enough money to provide even the most meagre healthcare and medicine for those who are like you, all the millions of souls like you who are dying even at this moment while the whole world sits back and wonders "well, how many more will die this year from such a tragic epidemic ?" but basically doesn't do a thing or give a damn...

survival is not :

16 people chosen to @!#$ around on an island for 4 months until the last one victoriously returns to their corporate or suburban or academic or married with 2.5 children or divorced father looking for young new wife existence while becoming 1 million dollars greedier.

 Re: what is survival, or, regarding the latest "manifestations"...
Auteur: sh 
Date:   2001-07-13 16:43:24

Quite funny indeed, however I really don't see the point of all this bullshit???????????????

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